Future proof your hiring plans with affordable candidate attraction campaigns

If you are looking to keep recruitment costs to a minimum, our Inspire! campaign could be just what you are looking for:

  • Works alongside your business continuity plans
  • Boosts brand awareness
  • Delivers candidate applications straight to your inbox

How does an Inspire! campaign work?

All campaigns are built and managed by our team of qualified employer brand leaders and recruitment specialists, helping you to attract the highest number of relevant candidates for your vacancy whilst building your employer brand and providing you with tools to enhance your candidate experience.

A little of what’s included…

Candidate Attraction:

Bespoke Careers hub to showcase your employer brand

Talent Pool technology integrated in careers hub

Job adverts optimised for high engagement

28 day advert on CW Jobs, Monster, Total Jobs + More

Targeted paid social across Facebook and Twitter

Blog & bespoke media to showcase your employer brand & culture

Engagement & Candidate Experience:

CV’s sent straight to your inbox

Access to a personalised applicant tracking system

Managed by our team of employer brand and recruitment experts

Full remote access to ensure full business continuity

All candidates uploaded to ATS with 6 month ownership*** period for you

Get in touch with us today to discuss your hiring requirement and activate a Inspire! campaign.

*Price exclusive of VAT

**All applications from the Inspire! campaign will be forwarded directly to you, allowing you to qualify all candidates as part of your internal recruitment process. If this candidate has not previously been submitted to you under the Hirecracker terms of business then you will have the opportunity to on board the candidate with no additional Hirecracker recruitment fee.

***Candidate ownership period begins on the date CV uploaded to your JobHoller ATS. If this candidate has previously been submitted by Hirecracker this does not apply as per the above term.