What is a Recruitment Agency?

In the ever changing employment, recruitment agencies have become integral players, connecting job seekers with employers. But what exactly is a recruitment agency, and how do they function? Let’s delve into what a Recruitment Agency is, especially Hirecracker, and how we can help you secure a new role or hire a new employee.

Definition and Function of a Recruitment Agency

Defined by Cambridge Dictionary “a business that is paid to find suitable workers for other companies and organisations”. Companies use Recruitment Agencies due to a numerous number of reasons, but one being that it takes a lot of resources and not everyone within the business has the expertise needed for every role in the business. Companies can therefore pay for a service in which the Recruitment Agency is given a set of requirements, saving the employee time and money allowing the individual to continue focusing on their core roles instead of recruiting. 

Employees who work for recruitment agencies are called recruitment consultants. Their job is to build relationships with employers so they will be commissioned to fill their vacancies, and also connect with job seekers, so they have a pool of talent from which to find suitable candidates. This is how they make their money.

Types of Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies can come in all shapes and sizes from an IT & Tech Specialist like Searchability or a Multi-Sector Recruitment Agency like ourselves – Hirecracker. In essence, they become another arm of your business that you can plug in and out of their resources when you need to hire a new person.

Services Offered by Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies are often specialists in their field, have the tools to do the job and have access to a pool of talented candidates. Therefore, by using an agency, a company can increase their chances of finding the best talent to fill their vacancies. Hirecracker offers the opportunity to be a trustworthy partner whether you are looking for a new challenge or need expert assistance filling a vacancy a Recruitment Agency can help. Recruitment Consultants can source candidates on different platforms, screen applicants to see whether they fit the requirements and facilitate the entire hiring process alongside or embedded within the company.

Our sister Employer Brand Agency Holler can also be added as an extra service to help you build and shape your Employer Brand. A strong employer brand means that candidates WANT to work for your company because they feel it resides with them. With everyone new client Hirecracker onboards we provide a complementary Discovery Dive which showcases marketing insights, salary data and what you look like to a potential candidate. Which helps you to make informed decisions about your recruitment process and futureproof your future hiring requirements.

Benefits for Employers

Recruitment Agencies have many benefits to making the recruitment process much easier and beneficial. Allowing you to save time on time by giving Expert Recruiters all of the hard work and you can finally onboard them. Recruitment Agencies like Hirecracker, have a wide access to already looking candidates who are looking for their next challenge. They will be able to match them to your requirements to make sure they are fitted with both skillset and culture. 

Benefits for Candidates

You’ll make a good impression if you write your best possible CV before registering with a recruitment agency. Being as clear as possible about what jobs you want will help the agency know which jobs to put you forward for. When working with a Recruitment Consultant you may find opportunities that are not open to the human eye as they may not be as openly advertised so you can find them on job sites or LinkedIn. Recruitment Consultants are able to give you personalised guidance and insights into the market so you can get the best out of your next career. Although you may be worried that a Recruitment Consultant may want to only place the candidate to get a fee at the end of the day, they need to be trustworthy and do their job in order to gain credibility within their market industry.

The Recruitment Process

Recruitment consultants are experienced professionals who can advise on things like optimising your CV, however they are not there to make major changes or help you plot your career path.

When an employer commissions a recruitment agency to fill a vacancy, the recruitment agency will advertise that role on their own website and any job board of their choosing. So that they can also share this job description to potential candidates who look suitable for the role. As a candidate please be aware that Recruitment Agencies will withhold employer names on the advert to prevent candidates applying directly to the employer. Due to the fact that Recruitment Agencies will only receive their fee if one of the candidates they found ends up getting hired. Not knowing the employer name can be frustrating for candidates, but it’s accepted practice in the UK employment industry.

It’s important to remember that recruitment consultants only get paid when they fill vacancies. So, they’ll only engage with you if they can see that you’re highly employable with lots of great skills or excellent potential through an initial screening call. From here the candidate will be sent all the relevant information about the company, benefits and the job description whilst their CV is sent to the Employer. Depending on the organisation’s Recruitment Process they will be given feedback on the CV and get interviews in place.

If the interview has gone well the Employer will report back with feedback back to the Recruitment Consultant who can let the candidate know that they have amazingly got the job!

Industry Trends and Innovations

Like every industry, the Recruitment industry, we want to stay ahead of the curve of identifying, attracting, and retaining talent that can drive innovation and adaptation within organisations. In Hirecracker, we utilise a data driven approach which allows the Recruitment Consultants to seek market insights and trends which can help companies create informed decisions on what candidate they need to hire and their required salary. Alongside this, due to the increase in remote work and virtual recruitment it has helped to fasten the pace of the interview process and enabled organisations to be able to connect with worldwide talent. 

Do your research before choosing an agency to register with. Like with all things in life, there are some great recruitment agencies and some that don’t perform as well. Most agencies recruit just in their local area, but there are a small number of national recruitment agencies recruiting across the whole of the UK.

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