5 Ways you can Protect the Candidate Experience through a High-Volume Recruitment Drive

During a time of high recruitment drive, it is important to put the candidate at the foremost of the process.

Initial interaction

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Seven seconds – that is how long you have to make a good first impression. It is scientifically proven that in this time the other person is able to gauge a solid impression of you and determine your trustworthiness. First impressions are what anyone judges the other person on, whether it’s face-to-face or a phone call it’s important to make a good impression. You should think carefully about how you approach the situation, as you don’t want to sound abrupt on the phone especially if you use the seven second rule. Include something key that will want the candidate to stay on the phone after you have made that initial first impression, giving you no time to talk about additional factors such as an over explanation of who you are or company history – you will be telling them your story after you have created the bond.

Step-by-step guide

Giving a candidate an idea of the recruitment process the first call can also give them realistic views on how long the whole process will last. Including the different stages such as: initial phone call, delivering feedback, interview confirmation email, interview call and face-to-face interview etc. allows the candidate to know how their experience will go from start to finish. If a stage is missed out such as an interview confirmation email it completely disrupts the entire process as the candidate won’t have clarification of their interview and therefore stop that candidate from moving smoothly through the recruitment process. If you want to keep on top of the journey for all candidates you will want an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that can be personalised accordingly (get in touch to find out about the JobHoller ATS that allows you to tailor multiple candidate journeys for this purpose).

Keep in touch

As mentioned, that initial phone call receives a lot of interest with the candidate so we have to make sure this interest stays at 100% throughout the process and we don’t lose out on the candidate. They may become uninterested if they feel as though they are being pushed through the recruitment process or alternatively that it’s becoming long winded. Creating constant communication reminds the candidate that they are important in the recruitment process and creates reassurance that this role is something not only they are interested in but the company is keen to get them on board!

Quick personalised feedback

According to statistics from LinkedIn, 94% of talent wants to receive interview feedback, yet shockingly only 41% have actually received it! So even if you are giving basic feedback at all stages of the interview process you will already be miles in front of the competition. The last thing a candidate wants is to be left wondering why they didn’t receive any feedback and why they were not good enough to move onto the next stage of the process. A simple statement suggesting that they were under qualified will allow the candidate to reshape the way they are applying to jobs and enable the candidate to get a role suited for their skill-set,

Company Culture

Through a high recruitment drive it is important to also enlighten the candidate of the smaller essentials that will become a key part of their everyday life if they are successful. Showcasing company culture through the likes of blogs or an Instagram page by posting images of social events, different roles that the company has and the perks that the company have to offer. These simple regularly updated posts can allow the candidate to feel like they are constantly up to date with the company culture. Take a look at our blog and Instagram page to give you an insight into the how to’s of company culture postings.

So here are the top five tips to follow when taking on a high volume recruitment drive, keeping in touch with the candidate and giving essential feedback will ensure a quicker recruitment process and a faster hire for your fast recruitment.

Leah Cottham – Account Manager @ Hirecracker.com

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