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When we launched Hirecracker we had a mission to shake up the way our clients find talent, and a big aspect of this centred around promoting each organisation’s employer brand with every recruitment partnership. When managed well, your employer brand can be a key driver to attract, engage and retain talented candidates, yet so many organisations fail to prioritise this within their wider hiring strategy! Luckily Hirecracker have partnered with our sister brand JobHoller, an award-winning employer brand consultancy, to help our clients discover and promote their employer brand in tandem with Hirecracker sourcing candidates for their live vacancies. This begins with a complimentary Discovery Dive for each client, and we have outlined in this blog exactly what the Discovery Dive entails and how it can support your wider hiring and employer brand objectives too.

Gain an understanding of talent flow at your organisation

Every Discovery Dive will provide insights from LinkedIn to provide you with an overview of where your company sits within the talent market. You’ll see a clear overview of your current employee demographic (looking at locations, functions and skills) which can be useful when persona mapping to attract like minded individuals too. You will also see where your company is winning the most talent from, and most importantly where you may be losing talent to as well. This information can support the Hirecracker candidate sourcing strategy, but can also form the basis of a wider employer brand campaign should you wish to explore this further.

A look at the talent market for your vacancy

The Discovery Dive will also provide insights around the specific market for the role we are working on for you, which gives you an idea of hiring demand and candidate availability too. You’ll see a snapshot of how many candidates are on LinkedIn using job titles, skills and locations to match data, and discover the top ten companies employing these candidates in your area. This gives you an insight into who your competitors are, as well as opportunities to attract candidates if you are able to deliver a more attractive proposition too.

Understand what EVP’s are important to the talent you need to hire

Your EVP is defined as “a set of associations and offerings you offer candidates in return for the skills, capabilities and experiences an employee brings to your organisation”. If you have a strong EVP, this can be a key driver to attract great candidates to your brand, however not all candidate demographics have the same priorities when it comes to EVP. The Discovery Dive uses LinkedIn research and data to provide a picture of what EVP’s are most desired by the specific candidates you want to attract. For example, if we were to run a search for “Sales Managers” in “Information Technology Companies” in “London” we would discover the following EVP data:

Insights like these may inform how you develop your internal EVP to become more attractive as an employer, but they can also highlight your best “selling points” when it comes to promoting your employer brand for your immediate vacancies. If we know for example that “good work-life balance” tops the list of what candidates want most, we can share information about any offerings around flexible working, generous paid holiday allowance, working from home options and employee wellness packages to help encourage candidates apply for your vacancies. This can be communicated through your job adverts as well as through wider employer brand campaigns too.

Take a look at salary trends specific to your vacancy

Using our internal market trends tool as well as data from external recruitment sites we will share with you salary trends specific to the role you are hiring for. This acts as a median range to support your recruitment campaign for the live vacancy, and gives you an idea of what is competitive too. Each consultant will also conduct thorough market research and advise on what a realistic salary / package would be for the type of candidates you need to attract too.

Discover your employer brand through a candidate’s eyes and suggest ways to improve

The Discovery Dive will also give you an insight into the candidate experience, showcasing how your employer brand is seen by potential candidates. This includes a desktop analysis of your website and any pages on your site aimed at hiring, and we will also explore social channels for visibility, content and relevance for engaging candidates too. An outside perspective allows you to identify key areas of strength, and also understand how you could potentially improve too. This may relate to usability such as how easy it is for a candidate to apply for a role on mobile, whether you have a talent pool function, how easy it was for a candidate to discover your careers page. Alternatively it may relate to content such as how up to date your social channels are, how relevant content is to candidates as opposed to customers or even the type of content you are using too. We will combine our understanding of the candidates you are looking to attract with our experience in employer branding to give you a few hints and tips to increase your ability to attract and engage candidates!

Free branded careers hub to follow up from the Discovery Dive

Following on from the complimentary Discovery Dive, we will also offer all clients an optional free branded careers hub as part of the service at Hirecracker. This is particularly useful for companies that may have room to improve when it comes to their website careers page or for companies that really want to tailor the content to a specific type of candidate for the recruitment drive. To learn more visit our blog “7 ways our Branded Careers Hub can Enhance your Hiring Strategy”.

If you are interested in speaking to one of our consultants to see what’s happening in the market, then please get in touch today at [email protected] / 01244 739 300.

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