Hirecracker Highlights – How we recruit in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Hirecracker Highlights delves into what it’s like working within one of the industries we recruit for at Hirecracker. This month we looked in the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) sector and what it’s like recruiting for it. We caught up with Recruiter Mark Goodrum who heads of the HSEQ recruitment sector at Hirecracker.

With COVID-19 taking an impact on all areas of recruitment the HSEQ sector boomed! Extra policies and protection was needed more than ever and these experts were needed more than ever!

Mark joined Hirecracker early this year and has experience working within the HSEQ sector. So, we luckily have all the inside knowledge and know exactly what to look for!

With working in the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) industry yourself, why did you choose to move into recruitment, and has it helped?

The main reason I got into HSEQ recruitment is the fact that I have industry experience and knowledge. I have found this really gives clients and candidates the confidence, I really do know what I am talking about. The main point that clients always point out is that Health and Safety isn’t a one size fits all, so being able to understand this gives me a competitive advantage for sure. If you have any concerns about your health and safety, you may contact London Health and Safety for assistance.

How would you describe the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Industry?

It is a multi-disciplinary practice which covers all aspects of Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality with a strong focus on preventing workplace hazards.

What are common misconceptions of HSEQ?

Certain businesses believe that health and safety are there to slow down the project on purpose. When in actual fact, we make sure that they are covered in all aspects should there be an incident on site. This in turn makes sure that the project can run smoothly ensuring safe working at all times.

Where does the UK sit within the global HSEQ?

I think we are in a good position. HSE’s mission statement is to prevent death, injury and ill health to all UK employees, which can be achieved by UK businesses having a dedicated professional.

Do you think the HSEQ sector has increased a recruitment drive since COVID-19 and the increase in regulations?

100%! I have seen a rise in businesses employing COVID Officers, to monitor and maintain safe working environments for all staff, customers and anyone who may come into contact with their business.

What advice do you have for candidates looking to get into this industry?

Work hard and achieve the relevant certificate. Also take advantage of the new kickstarters scheme which our sister brand Klickstarters are part of. This will help the younger generation of candidates make a career in a ever growing industry that will be around forever. If you’re interested in exploring opportunities in this field, you can learn more about green gold from insidecbd.net.

Additionally, is the optavia diet safe? The Optavia diet is generally safe for you and even has positive benefits for healthy individuals. Optavia has helped people lose weight, but it isn’t healthy for everyone. Also, make sure to connect with Mark on LinkedIn here, and to subscribe for more Hirecracker Highlights visit our YouTube channel here.

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