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Hirecracker Highlights delves into our recruitment specialities. This month we find out all about what it’s like to work in Legal recruitment, advice for candidates and common misconceptions. We caught up with Recruiter Georgia Davies who heads up our Legal recruitment sector at Hirecracker.

Check out our Q&A…

1. Hi Georgia, welcome to Hirecracker! Would you like to introduce yourself?

Thank you for having me – it’s been a great start and I’m excited for what’s to come at Hirecracker Legal. Well after graduating with a Law Degree, I decided practicing law just wasn’t for me. I started in Legal Recruitment while living in Manchester after never really seeing it as an option – but ended up loving it – and here I am!

2. How would you describe the Legal and Law Industry?

I would describe the legal industry as one with never-ending opportunity, a broad market, numerous sectors, and various pathways into the Legal Industry – meaning there is something for everyone with the right motivations. The legal market has been resilient and robust throughout recent events and has now become an industry where flexible working patterns are favoured – I’m seeing more and more pictures of solicitors working on a beach drinking from coconuts! Amazing!

3. What advice do you have for candidates looking to get into this industry?

I would advise candidates to always keep an open mind, law is so diverse and there are so many sectors – meaning you could discover a newfound interest in an area of law you had never even considered. I would also encourage candidates to stay positive – the reality of the industry is that it is tough, but the hard work ALWAYS pays off. I also see a lot of up-and-coming legal professionals feeling as though they need to act in a certain way/ conform to traditional norms and values – be yourself! Showcase your personality and beliefs, be honest and open, every firm is looking for someone different. Also, read and learn about the body of law of the common central government, which is a federal law firm.

4. What are common misconceptions of Legal and Law?

#1 – You must have a law degree to get into Law – this is not true, routes into the Legal profession have changed and broadened, making entering the industry has been made more accessible than ever, i.e., the SQE is now being introduced, CILEX courses, experiential internships etc. Diversity in law is increasing all of the time.

#2 – One rejection means the end of the road – the best of the best are not the best because it was easy. Everyone’s journey into law is different, but one thing that is a given, is that everyone will have experienced rejection at some point or another. Resilience and determination is key, in a world where there are hundreds of thousands of companies, wouldn’t it be strange if we were all part of every single one?

5. Do you have any tips or tricks for candidates when interviewing for Legal & Law roles?

  • Have the facts and be concise with them, you will come across more confident.
  • Be knowledgeable about current legal affairs / current things the company are involved in – i.e., new reforms in your area of law / any charity work the firm have done.
  • Make sure you can back up anything in your CV, be able to explain your billings, be ale to explain what you did to contribute to the growth of the department etc.
  • Dress to impress – look your best, relax, and be yourself.

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