Hospitality is back on the rise! Here’s how to secure your next role

2020’s COVID pandemic hit the hospitality industry by storm. According to software provider Fourth around a devastating 660,000 jobs were lost during the pandemic. Overall the workforce in hospitality has shrunk by 26%. However, with everything opening back up the surge for hiring in this industry is now at an all time high. Looking at June’s hiring insights from Indeed shows a rise in the the hospitality industry compared to May 2021.

Since May the average number of job seekers per job has decreased, meaning you have you a bigger chance as there will be less applicants. Whether you’re fresh out of University or enjoy hosting and making guests happy – this industry is made for you. Here are some great tips to help you get a job in the hospitality industry. 

First role in hospitality?

Your Employer will be looking for someone who can put value into the business whilst demonstrating exceptional service. According to HR experts at Resumes Planet, there’s no need to hide if you have never had experience before. Businesses are looking for people who will work hard. Yo can demonstrate your willing these requirment will have to demonstrate your hospitable characteristics through your CV or a trial day.

Focus on your skills

If you don’t have any previous experience you need to pin point the skills you have required. Key skills this industry looks for are polite, can work in a fast-paced environment, team player and can work under pressure. Now think back to your University course. Group projects were time pressured and you had to show that you could deliver your assignment on time. University also shows you are a team player when you had to showcase presentations to your audience.

Non professional experiences

Involved in sports groups, charities and volunteering? These are great CV add-ons. These are great ways to show your experience in helping and working alongside others. A sport accentuates your enthusiasm and commitment showing you are a good time player who likes to perform well. Volunteering gives you people skills and shows you can work in a professional manner with customers/

Academic background

Display your qualifications in most recent to least, this way you can show off your Degree. Include your University, Degree and the dates to show your completed Degree.


You may feel as though here you need to create specific references but a “References on request” will suffice. If you haven’t got any previous Employers use Tutors from your University or School they will shine you in a great light. 

If you need any help building your CV, have it ready to submit or want to inquire about our vacancies just get in touch!

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