How to Market and not Sell when Approaching High Volume Campaigns

High volume campaigns are a necessity if a company needs a sudden surge of new staff, perhaps due to a new project or an increase in customers. Holding a digital presence is essential in marketing your campaign to ensure it is seen by more people and placed in front of the right eyes. Additionally, focusing on conversion rate optimization can help maximize the effectiveness of your campaign, ensuring that the increased traffic translates into tangible results.

Social media

Your Social Media presence in this day and age is a Number 1 priority, you can get your campaign in front of millions of people with just the simple click of a button. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are constantly seeing a surge in accounts being made, so they are great platforms to promote your company brand and give a constant update to the world on what is happening. Here you can build relationships with potential customers more than ever before through multiple channels at a low cost, by also projecting your company story and showcasing your culture. Using added elements such as images and hashtags can also boost your campaign by increasing engagement if your targeted audience would regularly use these hashtags. Influencers in your industry are someone who can boost engagement with your campaign, gauge a high amount of activity and get the word out there, without you having to spend lots of time building your audience if you have a quick high volume campaign.


Anyone can start a blog, especially for your business as it allows you to project personality through a piece of writing. Using platforms such as Medium and LinkedIn will allow people to have instant access to your posts and read them when they are already on these platforms instead of redirecting. Alternatively, creating a website can allow you to have more of a point in showcasing your thoughts and opinions through one specific page. The key is not to worry about what you’re writing, if you have a high volume campaign and want to immediately market it then just get straight to the point so you point can be easily conveyed.


Advertising your role is a key way of marketing your campaign, as you are putting it in front of those people who are actually wanting a new role. Individuals will search keywords, so the easiest way to advertise is to think if this was you what keywords would you be searching in order to reach this advert? If you have the ability to use sponsored ads through an advertising agency, then this is a must, as it will optimize your advert so it is at the top of every platform. Studies show that people rely on emotions, rather than information, to make decisions, so by including benefits and perks in an advertisement and making the information as brief and to the point it can make the individual want to apply if they feel happy about this advert and that it fits into what they are looking for. Additionally, consider leveraging the expertise of the 5 best SEO companies in Chicago to enhance the online visibility of your job listing. You can also promote your business by utilizing effective strategies, such as billboards, on platforms like


LinkedIn is one of the world fastest growing professional platforms, so start utilising it sooner rather than later! Getting your connections up is a must and make sure they are relevant so you can instantly market your company and showcase what you have to offer. If you do have lots of connections posting regularly about your challenges and your company’s story can engage with your connections and show you have a passion for the industry, even potentially going viral! Make your profile stand out, even look at adding a video to your LinkedIn profile if you haven’t already, here you are able to add your personality and introduce yourself and business to engage other consumers.

Email marketing

Every business has a CRM filled with relevant people who have once been interested in what you do, why not utilise this! By conveying a constant journey of your company, updating customers on any updates or new interesting roles that your company may have. Especially in a high volume campaign, an email with a focused subject, key information and a specific link will create more clicks and interest. After the email has been sent ensure you are checking who has opened the email and who has clicked the link as these are people who obviously have some interest in what you are offering. If you are unsure if you email is going to be right why not split test it? This way you can analyse the response rate, see what was clicked and what wasn’t so ensure the next email is getting higher engagement and fully communicating your campaign.

Identifying the key ways to market and not sell when approaching a high volume campaign is an essential part to successfully gaining engagement. By digitally utilising your audience through the likes of social media, advertising and email marketing to promote your company and its reason for the campaign.

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