Quantity and Quality – How to get the Best of Both Worlds when Sourcing High Volumes of Candidates

Sourcing the right candidate for a role often requires several fail-safe steps to find that perfect candidate with the relevant niche skill set, right cultural fit and personal expectations for a new job role. So how can you scale up your process to ensure that you find both quantity and quality for your high volumes roles?

Do your research

Providing high volumes of high quality candidates needs to be a smooth process with very few bumps along the way, so it’s imperative that you do your research on both the client and each candidate. Create a checklist of information that you must know from the outset.

For clients this could include a definite amount of candidates needed, seniority levels, and information about the role. For candidates you can focus on previous experience, key skill sets and expectations for a new position.

Once you do your research properly, you will be able to keep a high volume of quality candidates engaged about the new position and provide a large talent pool to your clients with clear detail about each candidate’s suitability.

Focus on core requirements

All vacancies have a core set of requirements that a candidate needs to be a suitable fit. In order to keep both your quality and quantity of candidates high, narrow these requirements to a core skill set that are non negotiable. Whether this is a specific skill, previous experience in a similar position or previous roles at specific organisations, having a handful of core points to look for will allow you to focus on or discount candidates quickly.

Efficient Advertising

Even high volume roles need to be advertised and eye-catching on job boards and across social media, but it’s time to streamline the process and save yourself the time. Using an ATS and scheduling technology such as Buffer and Hootsuite will allow you to push out the same content and advert across all platforms at once. This way not only is your advert visible at all points that an interested candidate might look, you can control how long it stays live and when it’s reposted.

It’s also important to be precise within your advert, outlining the requirements for the role and future tasks clearly. This will help to reduce the amount of irrelevant applications you receive whilst also ensuring each candidate that applies is interested in the role.

Have a plan

Here you can take many of your traditional recruitment tactics and use them on a larger scale within a methodical plan. Working out which organisations have the skill sets you require, which platforms your ideal candidates engage with most and whether you can target the active or passive market best, will allow you to focus your energy in the areas where you will see the most results. This way you will be able to get several good candidates from each source and build up a high-volume of high quality.

Rosie Bancroft – Account Manager @ Hirecracker.com

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