Streamlining the Recruitment Process: Time Management for High Volume Recruitment Drives

Attracting qualified candidates, looking at hundreds of resumes and making a ton of screening calls is extremely labor-intensive and can make the whole process time-consuming, which can result in a negative experience for all involved.

Luckily, there are ways to make your high volume recruiting strategy more time efficient and effective. Here are our suggestions:

Spend time on writing a great job advert

When you’ve got multiple positions to fill, you don’t just need more candidates, you need better ones. One way to attract great talent is to write job descriptions in a way that appeals to the caliber of people you’re looking to hire.

A great way of attracting candidates to your job description is to write a story about your company. A job story helps candidates visualise themselves in the role, often by portraying what a “day in the life” might be like. Good job stories fuel a candidate’s excitement for opportunities with your company and motivate them to invest time and energy to apply.

Make sure your hiring team is aligned

From CEO to Recruiter you need your hiring team to be fully aligned in order for the recruitment process to be time efficient. Make sure you’re all on the same page before you progress too far with a job search, really consider what specific skills and qualities will lead your hire to be successful in their role.

Once the goals are made it’s time to start hiring! In times of bulk hiring recruiters can be essential, they are responsible for putting the word out that your company is hiring, and they have the experience of screening candidates, organising interviews, rejecting candidates or moving them forward, sending assessments and job offers, etc. It’s essential that your hiring manager works closely with the recruiter to assure success.

Using the right ATS

Modern applicant tracking systems (ATS) can help ensure hiring teams manage every aspect of hiring and recruiting. Using an ATS saves both time and money as information from applicants is uploaded and organised in a database, making it easily accessible and searchable for your hiring team. Choosing the right one however can be difficult given the multiple ATS solutions in the market, it’s of the utmost importance that you assess your recruitment needs before looking into any option. Having a clear knowledge of the improvements you wish to make in your recruitment process will help you evaluate more wisely the characteristics and costs of every software you decide to analyse and test.

Why not take a look at the JobHoller ATS.

Perfecting the process

First of all you need to make sure that your job advert is simple to apply for and mobile friendly. Some larger companies have been known to make the application process more time consuming in order to weed out those who are not serious. These could be mistakes that are causing you to lose the right candidates with 1 in 5 dedicating less than 10 minutes to each job inquiry.

It’s important to retain a smooth recruitment process throughout, by creating consistent communication after the initial conversation it gives the candidate constant reassurance. Following this, how many stages are necessary? Five stages can completely put someone off and if you are hiring at high volume this is going to become unmanageable. We would recommend a two stage process, following the call if they seem like a suitable fit for the position, invite the candidate to a face to face and you could make a hire in less then a week!

Another important thing to consider when making high volume hires is deadlines! Ensure that everyone in the process has a deadline to work to and measure against.

Heather Turnbull – Account Manager @

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