The recipe for a perfect job advert

Spending time and effort on a job advert can help you to get the exact candidate you are looking for. Here are a few techniques and tactics we recommend, along with an introduction to our platform BriefBuild where we create the perfect job advertisement for you!

Job title

Try not to be creative here. As much as it’s great to put a creative flare on advertisements, the job title is the one that should be straight to the point. Remember potential candidates will be searching for keywords, so if yours isn’t there you aren’t going to show on their search and get much engagement. Don’t use titles such as ‘Software Ninja’ or ‘Creative Wizard’ – as much fun as these are you won’t attract the right crowd.

Salary and location

While of course these are not mandatory it increases your advert attracting the right candidates. Location is a key element to determining a job, especially if you are expected to be in the office everyday. While some jobs may be remote working or part remote it’s still best to add the location to prevent people applying from too far or from another country. Salary is a must and now is normally paid using this paycheck stubs creator! You don’t want to let a candidate down further down the line and waste their time if the salary is too low for their expectations. Equally, you don’t want junior candidates applying for a senior role.

Small introduction

With a few sentences outline your company and the opportunity you are advertising. Try to include keywords that will initially help the candidate decide if it’s for them. Think of this part like a sales pitch for your business, why would they want to walk for you? Be careful not to include too much unnecessary jargon. Instead of attracting individuals that know these words you will be discouraging potential candidates for the position.


Setting out goals and objectives for the candidate gives them a good idea of the contribution they will make to the business.

Based within the recruitment team, you will be building out your own client base through various recruitment techniques. Working closely alongside JobHoller, our sister company who offers employer branding strategies.


Naming some of the main responsibilities is a great way to give them an insight of the job at hand. Here you can entice the candidate, but still make these points short and snappy using bullet points.

  • Build client relationships with unique agencies.
  • Work autonomously on multi-task projects, prioritising necessary tasks to enable a flexible and adaptable day.
  • Manage the full candidate life cycle from start to finish.


You don’t want to be too off putting at this stage. There may be candidates out there that are perfect for the role but don’t quite have your exact requirements. If certain qualifications are essential then these should be added to prevent under qualified applications. Bullet points are again a great way to display this.

  • 2 years within a similar role.
  • Knowledge of the recruitment industry.
  • Great communication skills.


Shining your company in a good light will attract candidates and urge them to apply! By adding any great benefits and perks that your company provide shows your company care about their staff and they feel valued.

However, if you don’t know where to start, are struggling to put something together, or don’t have the time – we have a solution! Our platform BriefBuild, takes the pain out of job advertising. We have 5 different templates depending on what you are after.

Our different templates:


Conventional template is the standard job advert format. Working well on the job boards it is formatted with traditional language.


Our culture briefbuild puts your company culture first, works well to excite potential candidates when you have a strong proposition to offer, uses less formal language. Not recommended for 100% remote roles.


This style is designed to prick a candidate’s interest, works better when you know the candidates you need are in high demand and need to be engaged quickly, and uses less formal language.


Short, punchy, and social media friendly


Turn your advert into an image (price £25.00) or a GIF or MP4 file (price £50.00)

Here’s an insight into our Conventional BriefBuild.

Get in touch if you need help with your writing the perfect job advert!

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